O prophet! thou hast ill will to learn this writing. [ AL II, 10 ]

This is the official web site of Erwin Hessle.

This site is dedicated to the clear exposition and development of Thelema — the spiritual, religious and philosophical system expounded in The Book of the Law — free from Victorian occultism, supernatural beliefs and other confounding influences. We aim to demystify Thelema and to free it from the distracting and delusionary occult baggage with which it is so often weighed down by presenting its concepts in plain and simple language, and by demonstrating its relevance to everyday life. For those new to Thelema, A Thelemic Primer is provided to explain the fundamental principles. For the more experienced, a Liber AL Study Guide is provided to aid in the study and interpretation of The Book of the Law.

The core of the site is Erwin's blog which is regularly updated with entries explaining and illustrating an assortment of Thelemic concepts and which provides an avenue for discussing, commenting on and querying those entries.

Also available on the site are some of Erwin's essays and other writings, details of Erwin's printed works, a selection of the main Thelemic texts and various resources that may be helpful to beginners and the more experienced alike, including divination tools and applications, Qabalistic correspondences and information on astrological and other symbolism.

The current Thelemic date is: Sol in 29° of Aquarius, Luna in 29° of Pisces, Anno Viii æræ novæ. The next equinox / solstice is the vernal equinox on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, and the next cross-quarter day is Beltane beginning on the evening of Monday, April 30, 2018 (all dates & times are UTC). More detailed information on the current positions and conditions of the Sun and the Moon is available.

To contact Erwin, send an email to erwin@erwinhessle.com.