The illusion of separateness

Just a quick reminder that “unity” is no less of an illusion than “separateness” is. “Nonduality” is not somehow closer to the way things really are than “duality” is. The absence of a consciousness of separation doesn’t mean that things aren’t separate any more than closing your eyes makes the universe disappear. If you say that when you routinely perceive things as separate during everyday life but that it’s an illusion, you can’t sensibly claim that when you perceive things as one during a mystical state that it’s not. The perception that “everything is one” is still just a perception. The universe isn’t affected one tiny little bit by your choice to perceive one big thing, or lots of little things. Both are simply functions of consciousness, and have no existence outside of it.

Don’t mistake mystical “insight” for “truth”, kids.

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By Monkey Mind. October 20th, 2012 at 1:43 pm

Also, the functions of consciousness are not separate from the universe. That would be another illusion of separateness.

Glad you’re still posting.


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